Triton Spinner

Reviews: Triton Spinner

Published: February 15, 2017
From: VC-EDC
Price: $46
Bearing: 606 bearing
Spin Time: 5½ mins.
Dimensions: 55mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper Copper

I picked up the nifty little Triton Spinner from VC EDC last week and spent a good 48 hours fidgeting with it and keeping it away from my dog who loves to lick metal. And the Triton is a hunk of metal. Available in brass, stainless and copper, my dog prefers brass so that's the model I purchased. The Triton is sports a beautiful concave design and long spin times, but I was never really able to get that involved in spinning it for some reason.

Design & Aesthetics

This spinner's strength lies in it's design. The folks at VC EDC have made a beautiful looking spinner here. This is essentially a tri or 3 pointed spinner which eases into each point of spin ever so slightly making it a little difficult to catch and spin for me. Let me be clear though, I think at this price point, this is a nice chunk of metal, beautiful in its simplicity. The concave body gives plenty of clearance from stray fingers while spinning. One side of the copper caps, which is the only option for this spinner, has a triton machined into it while the other side is a bare slick copper cap. I did find this lack of grip on the caps to be a bit of a problem when spinning. The caps are threaded and I did find myself having to make sure they were screwed together tightly after spinning the Triton every once and a while. The spinner, though no larger than the Spinetic X reviewed earlier, felt fairly large in my hands and at times seemed like it would have been better realized in a smaller version.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

The body houses a 606 bearing which, despite a few clicks and clanks while spinning is pretty smooth. I would definitely call this a long spinner vs. a fidget spinner. If putting it on a table, a fingertip or simply holding it between two fingers and feeling the gyroscopic effect is your thing, I think you'll love the Triton. If flicking back and forth all day is your thing, the Triton spinner is a little difficult to catch and flick without well pronounced spin points due to the slowly tapered design. I set mine on a table and gave it a timed spin of over 5 minutes which surprised me. The tapering of the body concentrates a disproportionate amount of weight towards the outside of the spinner letting it coast around seamlessly. I actually preferred spinning the button on this spinner.

Final thoughts

I like the Triton, but I don't love it. At $46 though, it's a nice little spinner to add to your collection. While not an EDC type of spinner that I would take with me to a restaurant and get eyerolled by my girlfriend, it's a nice change of pace if I'm laying around on the couch at home.


Budget price, Long spins, Simple clean design


Difficult to fidget flick, Slippery bearing caps

Model Reviewed: Triton Brass

6.5 / 10
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