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Reviews: United Bow Tie Fidget Spinner

Published: November 25, 2016
From: United Machining LLC
Price: $75
Bearing: Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
Spin Time: 3 mins.
Dimensions: 2.3" long x 1.1" wide x .5" from button to button
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Aluminum (19g w/o bearing) Black Coating

At first glance, the use of aluminium can seem like something of a draw back to those new to hand spinners. However, if you have compared materials such as copper or brass to the comparatively featherweight options like titanium, you will have experienced some of the benefits that light weight can offer, even at the expense of record breaking spin-time potential. When United Machining LLC first brought its pleasingly proportioned and attractively milled Bow Tie spinner to the market in this, so far, rarely used material it quickly got a reputation for quality. Generally offered with a black coating, this short run was issued in a beautiful blue anodized satin.

Design & Aesthetics

The Bow Tie makes an instant impression in any finish; the shape is uniquely designed, while the manner in which it is milled leaves a striking pattern of concentric and apposing lines that culminate in a triangular motif. The use of black hardcoated Aluminium grips with a spiral traction pattern finishes things off nicely and gives a sense of the finish you might expect from the standard version. The hybrid ceramic bearing is a little larger than you might find in a Stubby or Torqbar but nothing approaching a 608, and is very neatly situated. The grips stand proud of the body for table spinning and ease of handling, with a pleasing interior convex that mirrors that of the body. As nice as this grip design is, it does seem to allow dust/dirt into the bearing a little more readily than some, so it's a good idea to clean the bow tie regularly for maximum performance. Overall; an attractive, well thought out and realized design.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

The shape itself offers multiple points from which to launch this spinner; be it standard approaches like a forward or backward flick or using the divert in the spinners outer edges to preload a powerful forward spin, it all simply feels very satisfying. With the aluminium offering such low weight, the spins are incredibly fast and changes in direction are likewise. The price you pay for this speed and agility is, of course, in the spin-time department. This inescapable fact put the onus firmly on the makers precision, design method and construction to maximize the spin performance. Happily, the guys at United Machining have done a great job with all such areas and kept the spin times between 2-3 minutes comfortably, which is genuinely excellent for a such a light design. Perhaps more importantly, the spin itself is very smooth and balanced. Easy to recommend, particularly at this price point.

Final thoughts

With a number of the early start up spinner makers now delivering a very disappointing final product to their customers, it's great to see United Machining offering such an expertly made hand spinner. With a price of $74.99 for the standard, black hard coated version this is a must have in anyone's collection. Its unique, high performance and light as a feather.

Model Reviewed: Bow Tie - United Machining LLC - Aluminium - 1/25 Limited Edition Satin Blue

Posted By: Stuart Robson

8 / 10
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