Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum

Reviews: Mechforce Deltacore Aluminum

Published: May 30, 2017
From: Mechforce
Price: $50
Bearing: R188 Hybrid Ceramic
Spin Time: 3 mins.
Dimensions: Length: 2.3” x Width: 2.5” x Thick: 0.7”
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Aluminum (2.4oz)

The Machforce Deltacore Aluminum was admittedly an impulse buy. I looked at it on Mechforce's very well designed and presented website and said, "I want that". Not being a man to deny myself pleasures, I made it happen. I passed on the original Deltacore in stainless steel. It just looked like it was going to be too heavy at that size for me to enjoy it. What appealed to me with this model was the lighter aluminum body. I felt this was a perfect application for aluminum given the size of the Deltacore. Wouldn't you know it, I was right again. Hey girlfriend, I'm right again. What's my streak at? She said, "Oh fuck off."

Design & Aesthetics

Many makers on the spinner scene are crossover makers. By that I mean they were previously manufacturing something else. Whether it be closely related to hand spinners (spinning tops, worry stones) or more foreign (knives, firearm accessories). Mechforce is no different. And generally with that previous application comes a certain look, which is also true with Mechforce in spades. For me, it's those trademark Mechforce ridges. And Mechforce was able to remain loyal to that look even as they crossed over from parts made to kill to toys made to soothe. That's a good thing here as these are some of the sharpest looking spinners on the market with almost a tactical look and feel.

The Deltacore is a large form factor spinner. The tale of the tape... Length: 2.3” x Width: 2.5” x Thick: 0.7”. That's a lot of meat. But it's one of those spinners that only looks like it could kick your ass until you pick it up and realize it's all fake muscle. That's due to the aluminum of course, and our hands are glad for it here. If you felt the stainless steel version was too heavy, the aluminum might be just right for you. Most everything design wise is the same as the aforementioned stainless steel model. The generous chamfering, tactical side rivets, professional finish. Mechforce seems well practiced in finishes judging by these spinners. Add in 3 slots for tritium inserts on either side to increase the overall tactical look and feel and I'm a little surprised this thing doesn't fire anything out of it's metal frame.

I cannot lie, I like big buttons, and the Deltacore has some 90s rapper video sized fingerholds for sure. These are a small departure from the stainless steel Deltacore in that there is no riveting around the edge, but the Mechforce logo is still there and the deep and generous concave center has not changed. The inner chamfer of the Deltacore looks to be around 3mm giving the buttons even more room to cut into the inner circumference of the body. The bearing sits squarely in the middle of this open triangle held in place by 3 supporting arms creating a hollowed out body. The entire bearing support innards are completely hidden creating a very pleasing, perfect circle inside triangle look. When it's spinning it almost looks as if the body is suspended in mid-air around the buttons due to this "hollow design".

The Hybrid Ceramic R188 Ball Bearing is held in place by a retaining clip which is good for spin times, but maybe a little difficult for bearing removal. A small gripe.

Mechforce is color anodized in 4 different delicious flavors. Hot Orange, Red, Black and Silver.

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

This isn't an EDC spinner. I don't think anyone would be under that disillusion, but I'm often wrong about the collective stupidity of the world, so I'm mentioning it. I'm more of a mini-spinner, easy to pocket, EDC spinner type of winner. So, I was a bit doubting as to if I would like the Deltacore Aluminum much beyond its looks. After spinning it for a good 24 hours I've found that...I really do enjoy a compartment though. And that compartment is, while I'm sitting at home watching TV, which is always. It's really a nice spinner for this function.

As an aside, and to continue my hopefully brief love affair with aluminum, there's something different about the feeling of aluminum slowly sliding across your skin than a heavier metal like brass or stainless. The lighter density of aluminum gives a more hollowed out sound and feeling as it skids against my finger which makes sense for some scientific reason I don't care to articulate because I'm not confident I won't sound dumb. But, what I'm getting at is that an often overlooked part of spinning these chunks of metal is the stopping part. The ability to govern the spinner to a slow stop or even slowwwerr. It's just another mindless fidget that I do that makes a spinner good at what it's for. Dulling my hyper-senses to the world just enough to take the edge off. And if you're like me, then you realize the feeling of stopping aluminum is quite nice versus other metals. Titanium has a bit of that in it too.

When buying spinners from trusted manufacturers these days, we're going to get a quality bearing. And, if we don't like it, we can simply change it. That's where we are in the industry. So, I don't really feel like going into too much detail about the specifics of the bearing and how it spins. The Deltacore is a large fidget-focused design in the aluminum body, and the hybrid ceramic R188 that comes stock in the Deltacore is a good choice for that. It's a nice smooth and quiet 3 minute+ spin if you let it go the entire cycle. There is noticeable play in the buttons when handling the Deltacore while it's not spinning, but all of that disappears while it is spinning and you get the steady evenly distributed spin you would think from a tri-spinner of this size.

Despite its large size, the Deltacore is easy to spin. I actually find the large size and thickness no problem at all when stopping and starting the spinner. My finger always seems to be in a good spin position after stopping the Deltacore, and it fnot, it's just a very slight adjustment away. I basically spin my fidget spinners in four different ways, and I find each spin easy to execute which is a real plus. Tri-spinners are famously good for creating many types of easy spin angles, and the large bodied Deltacore is a shining example of that. It's an easy spin.

Final Thoughts

Most spinners are available in various types of metals. I generally don't treat each iteration of metal as a different spinner. The Aluminum Mechforce Deltacore is certainly an exception. When we're dealing with something this big, the weight difference between stainless and aluminum is drastic and the spinner takes on an entirely new life. If you passed on the Deltacore because of the size and/or weight, I think the aluminum version might be worth giving a shot. If you have big hands, and like big spinners, the Deltacore excels as a fidget-focused option. Large fidget-focused spinners are few and far between. The Phat Boy comes to mind, but beyond that, I'm struggling. At $49.95, the Deltacore is priced to steal if you ask me. So get your burglering gloves on.

9 / 10
Buy Now $50
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