Fidget Panda - Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener

Reviews: Fidget Panda - Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener

Published: June 19, 2017
From: Fidget Panda
Price: $30
Bearing: R188 stainless steel bearing
Spin Time: 4 mins.
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner

Fidget Panda contacted sent me over their Bottle Opener Spinner for a quick little review. The three arm spinner, as the name suggests is designed with multi-purpose in mind. Each of the three sides can be used as a bottle opener, making it an EDC multi-use design. The core of the spinner is a high-quality R188 stainless steel bearing and the buttons have cute little pandas engraved on them making this a girlfriend approved spinner if you're having problems convincing your you need yet another spinner. Smart move Pandas.

Design & Aesthetics

The hollowed out design of the Bottle Opener Spinner spinner at first gave me the impressions this spinner was aluminum just by the lack of weight when I first picked it up. But in the end, there just isn't a ton of material here with most of the design subtractive. This isn't a gripe, just a fact and I find it actually lends a certain quality to this spinner in both looks and spinability.

The machining on this Panda spinner is rough to say the least. The inner sides of the 3 hexagon cutouts are particularly bad and lack the finish quality of higher priced spinners. These tight areas can be a challenge to finish, but there looks to be ample room on this spinner and I'm not sure why they were left in this state. The outer more visible parts of the spinner are in better shape, but still show signs of machining marks, but not as bad as the chatter marks from the innards.

The brass buttons are small, bordering on tiny compared to what I'm accustomed to. But they sit almost flush with the body and are concave enough that it's not a problem especially for such a light spinner. I actually find them an asset in this design. They sport the Fidget Panda logo which is well done even if it does give the spinner a more toy like look at feel rather than a high end object.

The R188 stainless steel bearing is fastened inside the spinner with a screw in bearing retainer which is really becoming a standard these days because 1) it allows for easy bearing removal and replacement and 2) it enables the bearing to be fastened axially not radially which prevents bearing deformation and gives you a longer smoother spin.

Spin Characeristics & Ergonomics

For all of the problems in the machining on this spinner, for me it really makes up for it in the performance of the spin. This spinner does make a case that you don't need to spend $100+ for a fun spinning experience. This is actually one of my favorite spinners to fidget with. There is something about the hollowed out design and lightness to the stainless steel body that really merges into an incredibly smooth and fun spinning experience. It's imminently easy to flick in many different ways and angles. The bottle opener lips do get in the way slightly, but they don't detract that much from the over all fidgetability of the spinner.

The Fidget Panda Bottle Opener Spinner houses an R188 stainless steel bearing, and this is a solid bearing giving a very smooth and quiet spin, as we've become accustomed to from the R188 stainless steel bearings. The buttons are well fit radially to the bearing and the spinner shows very little wobble which is certainly a plus.

This interesting shape does provide a nice overall ergonomic quality to it. It's not a shape I've seen in a tri-spinner to date, and Panda Spinners does get points for originality. The hexagons that make up the legs always seem to hit my fingers in a good spot for keeping the spin going.

Final Thoughts

If I'm just judging the Bottle Opener Spinner from Fidget Panda on a pure spin quality basis, it's one of the better fidget friendly spinners I've used. With that being said, it is a bit difficult to overlook the lack of finishing on the body of the spinner. Perhaps I received the exception rather than the rule. I think this spinner is worth a look if you're into multi-tool types of spinners. It's budget friendly, fun to spin has a cute panda on the button.

7 / 10
Buy Now $30
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  • Fidget Panda - Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener
  • Fidget Panda - Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener
  • Fidget Panda - Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener
  • Fidget Panda - Fidget Spinner Bottle Opener
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