The Ternion

Reviews: The Brass Ternion

Published: February 22, 2017
From: NTO Designs
Price: $83 - $145
Bearing: 188 Series Hybrid Ceramic Bearing
Spin Time: 2 mins.
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Brass (66.1g) Brass

The Brass Ternion, a limited edition of the popular Ternion spinners from NTO Designs is a fidget focused spinner that takes a brief break from the standard design eschewing the inserts at the ends of the spinner that we see in some models of the RevSpin line for a solid brass body. The RevSpin core is all brass as well. Tipping the scales at just over a very solid 66g, this limited edition fidget spinner is a compact little fidget powerhouse.

Design & Aesthetics

This is of course a familiar design with the Ternion being a popular spinner and as I mentioned, there isn't much new here other than the lack of inserts. If it's not broke kind fo stuff. The Ternion does come with normal or X-large magnetic buttons, and for the model I reviewed here, I chose the standard, which are small, but adequate for medium sized fingers. The buttons sit almost flush with the bearing making them almost impossible to remove with just your fingers. This presents a problem of course if you want to clean your bearing. If you do happen to get them off you will encounter a shield over the r188 bearing. I really do like how the buttons sit flush with the body from a design and usability standpoint though. Just not practical for people that like easy access to the bearing. There are definitely some sharp edges or hot spots on the brass body and that can get a little irritating on your fingers after a day or two. I feel this is a common thread in hand spinners right now. I think Rotablade got it right with The Stubby in that regard and hope more machinists take note. Anything that is putting repeated friction on your finger like that needs to be comfortable above all else.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

This is probably the smoothest, quitest spinner I own. There is no wobble. This is really a very sturdy well designed fidget spinner. I can't stress enough what a quality spin it gives you. Right up there with the Spinetic X in terms of fidget focused spinning. I want to use the word tight when describing how it spins. It feels like it shouldn't spin so easily everything is so compact. You're not going to get anything longer than a 2 minute spin out of the box with this spinner, which is fine with me. It's not built for that, and it really shouldn't matter. It's really the perfect spinner for clandestine dinner table spinning and everyday carry.

Final Thoughts

The Brass Ternion is an impressive spinner from a pure spin quality standpoint. Maybe the best. If NTO Designs can take care of the sharp edges in future designs, I'll be a buyer.

8 / 10
Buy Now $83 - $145
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