NobleSpin Vantage

Reviews: NobleSpin Vantage

Published: February 25, 2017
From: NobleSpin
Price: $69 - $99
Bearing: NobleSpin Ceramic Hybrid
Spin Time: 4 mins.
Dimensions: 62mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel (Titanium Plated) Stainless Steel (Titanium Plated)

The Vantage comes to us from NobleSpin, based in Austin, Texas. The model reviewed here is the Black Pearl Vantage, and it's a sleek, simple, sexy looking piece of metal. And it's a good thing too because that's what I was expecting to see when I ordered from the polished website and opened the well conceptualized packaging. What looks to be a first class, professional organization delivered a first class premium quality spinner at an under premium quality price.

Design & Aesthetics

This body of the Vantage is precision machined, sanded and polished by hand. Every Vantage spinner has a high gloss protective titanium finish. The model pictured here is the black pearl edition and the body has a black finish with all smooth edges and no hotspots. Maybe the best feeling spinner I've held in terms of comfort, and it's really smooth looking too. It would fit well into any EDC stash. It just has a very classic look. This is how I wish all spinners felt and looked. It feels like a heavy piece of black glass in your hands. The weight of the Vantage is distributed on the spin perimeter making for some very nice spin times. It comes in a few finish options. Black pearl as reviewed here, bronze, gold and rainbow. All in titanium plate. Not much more I can say about this spinner in terms of design. It's first class.

Spin characteristics & Ergonomics

While it might have been love at first sight, it was decidedly not love at first spin. This thing is loud. This NobleSpin proprietary ceramic hybrid bearing comes with precision ceramic balls from Japan, nylon cages from the USA and stainless steel races made in Germany. Not sure there is any reason to span the globe for separate bearing parts other than price and saying your bearing is proprietary, but it does spin well. The bearing comes without lubricant. Leave it that way. Messing with the cage is just going to cause problems. Adding lube to quiet the spinner will take your spins down to under a minute, per the NobleSpin website. NobleSpin advises only using a hair dryer to clean the bearing. I'd agree here. You'll get used to the rattle. This is a spinner's spinner. There is a lot of play in between the buttons and the bearing adding to the rattle in the spins, especially when holding the spinner perpendicular to the ground. Despite all of this, the Vantage is really a pleasure to spin. You can do every sort of spin imaginable with this spinner. The laxity that the buttons have make it a very forgiving spinner. You don't have to flick it perfectly every time to get it moving. And the smooth cured edges let you do any manner of flick you want without discomfort. This is both a long spinner and a nice fidget spinner for a larger bar spinner. The Black Pearl reviewed here cleared 4 minutes on a table spin out of the box.

Final Thoughts

If you're not worried about a little noise from the bearing, and you really shouldn't be here as it's drowned out by any sort of ambient noise in the room and you'll stop noticing it quickly, the Vantage is a great medium sized spinner for medium to large handed folks. A classic bar spinner with weight distributed outward, something we're used to seeing in other classic designs, the Vantage looks more high end gadget than fidget toy. One of my favorite bar spinners to date.

8 / 10
Buy Now $69 - $99
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