Syner-EDC Triple Mini

Reviews: Syner-EDC Triple Mini

Published: February 28, 2017
From: Syner-EDC
Price: $40
Bearing: Yellow Jacket high precision skate bearings
Spin Time: 3 mins.
Dimensions: 1¾" diameter .5" thick
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Brass (91.6g) Brass, Aluminum

I first came across the Triple Mini Fidget Spinner from Syner-EDC in the middle of a semi-sleepless night and with my guard down placed an impulse order. At a budget priced $40 it didn't take that much impulse. The Triple Mini intrigued me because it was unique. A small footprint but hefty weight due to the half inch thick brass body and tri-polar design with the weight distributed to the poles. I don't have anything in that category. I'm glad I do now.

Design & Aesthetics

The Triple Mini is probably about 120 degrees short of a full circle with three 40 degree chunks taken out of the body. This makes it a tri spinner technically, though it's not a traditional tri spinner with such a thick cut of brass giving it a very beefy feel in your hand. The body is nicely finished and the well defined spin points are the perfect size for quick catches and re-flicks. The bearing buttons protrude just past the body to allow for table spins, and this maintains the compact almost hockey puck like design. A good choice. Though, it is almost impossible to unscrew the buttons with your fingers because of this. I have yet to successfully do it in fact. There just isn't enough room between the buttons and the body when they sit this low. The buttons are aluminum and not the best. I would recommend choosing brass as an option at checkout. The Yellow Jacket high precision skate bearings are slip fit into the spinner body and fastened with Loctite. This sort of bearing retention, though difficult for maintenance does put very little compression on the bearing making for smoother spins.

Spin characteristics & Ergonomics

I didn't find this bearing to be the smoothest or quietest bearing in the world, but it is certainly solid. This is really a fun little fidget focused spinner. You're going to get a decent 3 minute spin time out of these Triple Minis but the fun in this type of compact spinner is fidgeting back and forth as the design really dictates that. This is a heavy spinner and though small in diameter it is thicker than most spinners at 1/2 inch. The weight distribution is away from the bearing giving it a unique feeling when it's spinning. Compact and powerful. I found myself spinning it then throwing it up and catching it a lot. It lends itself to that because it's so easy to throw and catch being so thick and heavy whereas your typical bar spinner might flutter and bounce off your hand more easily when tossed. You can do any kind of spin with the Triple Mini with relative ease. No finger or joint pain after long spin sessions.

Final thoughts

The Triple Mini is a unique little brick of a spinner. A heavy and compact, fidget focused tri spinner that could easily cost more than its budget price of $40. Opt for brass buttons and enjoy a cheap addition to your collection.

8 / 10
Buy Now $40
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  • Syner-EDC Triple Mini
  • Syner-EDC Triple Mini
  • Syner-EDC Triple Mini
  • Syner-EDC Triple Mini
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