TruBlu MFG Mini Spinner

Reviews: TruBlu MFG Mini Spinner

Published: March 01, 2017
From: TruBlu MFG
Price: $50
Bearing: 608 bearing
Spin Time: ½ mins.
Dimensions: 1.3 inch diameter
Fidget Spinner Type: Mini Spinner
Stainless Steel Aluminum Gold, Stainless Steel

The TruBlu Stainless Steel Mini Spinner is a fits perfect in that little mini jeans pocket above your normal pocket that is good for nothing usually spinner. I don't even remember how I found this thing in the depths of my internet searches, but I'm glad I did because it's my first button spinner and I'm always looking for something different which is exactly what I got.

Design & Aesthetics

The TruBlu Mini Spinner arrives with little ceremony in a plastic bag which is fine with me. I have enough little cardboard boxes and spinner tins. The Mini Spinner comes in a 304 stainless steel body with a polished finish which is vert nice in the hand if not slippery almost. At just 1.3 inches in diameter, it's tiny. The body barely extending past the 608 bearing. While not a complicated design, what's done here is done well. The TruBlu Mini has 6 poles technically, but the indentation is just a few millimeters here making this more of a button design with better spin leverage due to these notches in the body. The chamfering is smooth which is important in a design like this because you're spin point is going to be right on the edges of this tiny spinner. There are no hotspots to speak of. The small aluminum buttons sit near flush with the body making this a sleek little ball of a spinner. I did find the buttons difficult to remove for that reason. And the male end of the threading on the buttons barely gets a twist or two into the female end so they are difficult to screw back in and do come loose eventually with extended use. Just make sure they're tight as this will affect your spins.

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

Small design and small buttons almost flush with the body make this a bit delicate to hold and you end up scraping your fingers along the spinner body while spinning every once and a while. That's just the nature of this spinner though. It's made to be small and compact. A true little piece of EDC. So I can't really complain about that. I did feel pretty restricted as to how I could spin this thing. Just a basic flick or snap with my ring finger seemed to give me the spin/fidget satisfaction I'm looking for. So, this is a bit of a one trick pony, but it does that one trick pretty well. The aluminum buttons do go well with the stainless steel body, and I really like that look, but the buttons are again slippery as we find with so many spinners. With a spinner this small you need to create some real torque on the body to get it moving and you're barely offset from the center of the body with your flicks, so if you're hands are dry, pinch tight, or this thing is hitting the ground. A secondary market for spinner buttons has risen up because so many makers seem to have slippery buttons.

This spinner isn't going to set any spin time records. Table spins will get you 30 seconds and you could maybe push that a little longer holding it. It just doesn't have any weight distributed outward at all obviously so with this design, I'm not sure how much more you could get out of it regardless of the bearing. And the tightness of the fit between the buttons and the body does seem to create a little friction, slowing down the spinner a little prematurely. I do wish it had a little more motor to it if I'm nitpicking, but this is a spinner you roll and flick your fingers around more than just let spin for long doses. For that, I like the trade-off between long smooth spins and a nice tight fidget focused, EDC design.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for something a little different than the standard bar long spinners then give the TruBlu Mini a shot. It's easy on the pocket both literally and figuratively. It's also a sharp looking design that can be used without being seen for some clandestine spinning in church or during sex.

7 / 10
Buy Now $50
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  • TruBlu MFG Mini Spinner
  • TruBlu MFG Mini Spinner
  • TruBlu MFG Mini Spinner
  • TruBlu MFG Mini Spinner
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