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Reviews: United Mini Fidget Spinner

Published: March 03, 2017
From: United Machining LLC
Price: $45
Bearing: Hybrid ceramic bearing
Spin Time: 3½ mins.
Dimensions: 1" in diameter x .60" wide
Fidget Spinner Type: Mini Spinner
Stainless Steel (33.8g), Brass (33.8g), Copper (35.4g) Aluminum

With the United Mini Fidget Spinner, Dylan Polseno of United Machining LLC set out to make a spinner that can easily be tossed in your pocket and provide a well rounded fidgeting experience, but not at the cost of long spin times. I'd say they've achieved that goal and more. I was lucky enough to receive a production prototype and I haven't put it down for the last 24 hours.

Design & Aesthetics

The United Mini Fidget Spinner is mini. At just 1" in diameter x .60" wide and weighing in at 33.8 grams in the stainless steel version reviewed here, you won't even notice it's in your pocket. The well machined aluminum buttons add negligible weight and are set off the body just enough for spin clearance leaving you holding a tidy little bolt of a spinner. With a small spinner like this, holding onto it can be an issue when loading up for those "epic" spins, and I find many manufacturers neglecting that detail. Not here. These buttons, which will be offered in (black, red and blue) are slightly concave with a swirled hexwheel pattern of dots machined in the face of both sides. They are threaded with a long male end to reach though the depth of the body to get down to the tiny hybrid ceramic bearing (.125 x .3125 x .1406 Inches). This is almost half the size of a standard r188 bearing found in other spinners. It's tiny. The body is well chamfered around both the edges and circumference with 8 somewhat distinct holds around the circumference. It's basically a circle with grips, and it works well here. The retail version will be offered in brass, copper and the stainless steel model reviewed here, with a stretch goal option of copper tungsten kicking in at $20k.

Spin Charcteristics & Ergonomics

I did a spin time test out of the box, and, you have to realize, with a spinner of this design, you're not generally going to get long spins. There's just nothing to propel this spinner around. It's essentially a weighted bearing. So, as the clock passed 1 minute, I was impressed. Then 2 minutes. It wasn't slowing down. When the dust finally settled, and I looked at the clock, were at an unbelievable 3:35. The thing is, this spinner is a fidget spinner, not a long spinner per se. IT fits on the tip of your finger. So, it really is amazing engineering to get this style of spinner to spin this long. I was impressed. I do find myself flicking it back and forth mainly, but you can easily balance this on a finger for a few minutes while watching TV. I did find that the unprotected bearing may be prone to a little grit and grime, which led to some shorter spins, but nothing a quick cleaning didn't take care of. The United Mini Spinner probably averaged 3:30 for me on timed spins if you're inclined to let it spin out.

You can spin this the same way you spin most fidget spinners with the addition of being able to rev it off of a body part like a matchbox car from the 80s to really get some high RPMs. I found the snap method of spinning to be most effective for me with this mini spinner. You can also throw it in the air and catch it in the palm of your hand pretty easily without it stopping the spin because of the offset of the buttons. A very cool little trick. The bearing has a characteristic "spinner hum" without being loud or annoying to others in the room if there is any ambient noise at all. Then spin is smooth with absolutely no wobble as is expected in most button spinners.

Final Thoughts

The United Mini Fidget Spinner is the best button style spinner I've used and one of my favorite all around spinners. It's a great fidget spinner, a capable long spinner and perfect for everyday carry or clandestine work. I'm not sure what they could have really done to improve on this design and execution. For just a $45 pledge on Kickstarter and an estimated delivery date of April 2017, this is a project I'm in full support of. United Machining has done a great job on their follow up to the popular Bow Tie and we'll look forward to more offerings from them in the future.

9 / 10
Buy Now $45
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