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Reviews: Rotablade Stubby

Published: October 12, 2016
From: Rotablade
Price: $120 - $140
Spin Time: 5 mins.
Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm x 9mm body. 11.7mm at grips
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel (69g), Brass (74g), Copper (79g), Titanium (45g)

Paul Watson is fast becoming a key name in the ever-growing world of Hand Spinners. His spinner brand kicked off with the Rotablade; a larger offering with multiple uses built into the design beyond spinning. While this design continues to be well received Paul decided to offer something smaller and with a clear focus on the core aspect of spin-performance. The result of this clear direction was the the Rotablade Stubby!

Design & Aesthetics

The Stubby is a compact spinner by design with a footprint of 50mm x 30mm x 11.7mm at the grips. The Titanium model reviewed here is a lightweight 45g while the range rises incrementally to the copper version at 79g. The design is simple and stocky but manages to remain pleasingly elegant thanks to the swept curves and 3D machined contouring. The option for further customization; anodisation, stonewash, sand blasting etc will be available in the coming months via upcoming update of the Rotablade site. Overall it's a very nicely realized concept at any angle with the additional elements of a cigar stand and the facilitation of table spinning built right in.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

From the first design stages the Stubby was always intended as a first class spinner with the early prototypes showing impressive spin times and remarkable stability. In hand, I'm happy to report that all of the early promise has been realized with the titanium version feeling fast, smooth and agile. Given the light weight of this material choice, it's not the longest spinner within the stubby range but with two handed spins reaching as far as four minutes, it's no slouch either and more than makes up for any perceived shortcomings in its ease of handling. It feels so light and dynamic with a pleasing whistle that alters pitch with changes in orientation and falls comfortably into all manner of spinning positions; anyone planning on doing finger swaps, throws etc will be hard pressed to find a more accommodating blend of characteristics.

Final thoughts

It's very difficult to imagine anyone who already enjoys Hand Spinners being anything but deeply impressed by the Stubby. The excellent design work is realized with a clear eye for quality, consistency and customer satisfaction; exemplary work in every regard. Paul Watson's Rotablade range is becoming a marquee name in this expanding sphere and should the quality products, service and ingenuity remain then long may that success continue.

Model Reviewed: Rotablade Stubby - Titanium Anodised - Brass Grips

Keep an eye on for a full range of readily available spinners and innovative accessories (the stubby connector is a minor work of genius).

Posted By: Stuart Robson

8.5 / 10
Buy Now $120 - $140
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