Radioactive Isotope .67

Reviews: Radioactive Isotope .67

Published: March 06, 2017
From: Black Hills Precision
Price: $130
Bearing: Hybrid ceramic bearing
Spin Time: 5½ mins.
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Brass (98g) Brass, Aluminum

The Radioactive Isotope .67 Spinner (the .67 comes from the cubic inches of material utilized in the main body of the spinner) from Black Hills Precision is a brass tri spinner built for smooth long spins and that's exactly what it accomplishes. This large spinner with a radioactive symbol design is immediately recognizable even if you don't know why. The name solves that. But, you have to admit, the symbol lends itself to a spinner pretty perfectly. Someone had to seize the opportunity.

Design & Aesthetics

This is a fairly simple design by machining standards I would imagine. Without credit for difficulty points, my spinner scored high on all the compulsory elements. It's well chamfered around all edges and leaves no hotspots to speak of. Aesthetically, it's a good looking spinner, if not an edc type of pocket spinner. This is an attention grabber for sure. Not quite along the lines of The Maelstrom, but if you're in public, someone's going to ask "wtf is that"? At 98g of brass, this spinner is heavy by most all standards and built for people with larger hands for sure, though it's not unmanageable for a more medium sized hand. This design really gets a chance to shine if you're into table spins and watching the crazy warp effects you can achieve. The combination of that radioactive design and polished finish give some pretty trippy results as evidenced in the video below. And a word on the packaging...the radioactive theme is followed through on nicely with a well done wooden storage box adorned with some radioactive stenciling. A nice touch. The aluminum buttons are a little underdone for my tastes but fit in well with the overall design.

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

Let me start this section by saying this is maybe the smoothest, quietest spinner that these fingers have flicked. The outward weight distribution of all three heavy legs propel this spinner around like it's motorized...with a very quiet electric motor. It spins for close to 6 minutes on a table which is impressive. And if you're fidgeting with it, you aren't going to hear any clicks or crackles in this hybrid ceramic bearing. A nice tight spin with very little wobble. The bearing comes with or without a dust cover. I chose mine without.

It's a little heavy for fidgeting with for long periods, and doesn't excel there, but it is a tri spinner so it has some fidgetability. The gyroscopic effect when holding this spinner after a hard two handed spin is impressive. It's almost as if the spinner is controlling your hand rather than vice versa.

Final Thoughts

The Radioactive Isotope is a spinner I would recommend for people that like long spinners or people that have large hands and want a larger type of fidget spinner as such. It really is a quiet smooth spin and I'm really impressed by that. I do admit I like to make warp videos with this one and see how long I can watch them without having a seizure. There is a smaller model, the Radioactive Isotope .38 which is 75% of the size of the .67. That seems like it might be something I'd be very interested in, though it only comes in aluminum which is far lighter than the brass used here. I'll look forward to some new designs from Black Hills Precision.

7.5 / 10
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  • Radioactive Isotope .67 Box
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