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Published: March 07, 2017
From: Spinner Vietnam
Price: $100
Bearing: Ceramic hybrid bearing
Spin Time: 2½ mins.
Dimensions: 61mm x 21mm x 11mm
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel (58.9g), Brass (62.2g), Copper (65.3g)

The Hypertsone Lite arrived fresh out of Viet-fucking-Nam! not more than a week after I ordered it. This is impressive alone. I had heard a lot of good things about Hyperstone and was eager to love this little stainless steel spinner. It would take some time and lots of effort to get there though. And, I'm still not sure if I'm in like or in love.

Design & Aesthetics

After I unwrapped the package...inside the package (that costs $30 USD to ship) , I got to a box with a bunch of spinner goodies inside. Probably the best presented spinner to date. Very well done. A handmade leather holster, replacement bearing and buttons, an Allen key (we'll get to that in a second). and a cleaning cloth. I think the Hyperstone Lite, based on the original Hyperstone but with cutouts on the bars near the buttons (thus the lite weight class) is right up there with the best looking spinners on the market if you want a slick looking spinner that fits in with you expensive Zippos, cigar cutters and other premium EDC gear. The stainless steel version especially, though it is also being offered in brass, copper and a heat treated stainless steel. It has a classic mirror polish finish and it just looks and feels like you're holding quality in your hand. The edges are 90 degrees, with no chamfering, but smooth to the touch. There were some slight imperfections around the bearing retention screw hole on my spinner, but nothing major. The threaded concave buttons with the Hyperstone logo are very nice and add to the overall aesthetics. I prefer this look over the original. And at 58 grams for the stainless version, it's just 9% lighter. Measuring 61mm x 21mm x 11mm, it's a small to medium sized spinner probably best left on the shelf for all of the large-handers out there.

Spin Characteristics

TLDR; I replaced the original bearing and buttons with the spare set that came with the Hyperstone after having problems with the original bearing and then things went better. The Hyperstone Lite is fun to spin, the bearing retention system is not great.

After admiring the beauty of he Hyperstone Lite, I did what everyone does and took this spinner for a test drive. Spun nice. For a little bit. Then I started to notice it was getting a little loud and slow. So, I thought the retention screw might have been a little too tight. I took the handy Allen key and loosened it a little. And here's what I learned. Don't fuck with the bearing retention screw or you're in for a bad time. There is such a sweet spot that you're not likely going to find it again without much frustration and inevitably doubt that your spinner is now not spinning at it's top performance. You're either going to have the retention screw too tight which will warp the outer bearing race and slow the spinner, or too loose which will allow the bearing to slip and the buttons to contact the body which obviously slows the spinner down with a metal on metal grind. If you're the type that is going to fuck with the screw, or you want to remove your bearing for cleaning or simply change bearings, you want to stop the retention screw just short of being tight. Like...at the suggestion of tightness. Just tight enough to hold the bearing in place, but not affect the outer race.

At any rate, there really was no sweet spot for this bearing, so I decided to utilize the replacement bearing, and I wanted to swap the buttons out for the stainless steel spare set that came included. That would prove to be a difficult problem as well. I broke blood vessels in my fingertips trying to unscrew the buttons. It's such a nice touch to include two sets of buttons, and I was excited to swap the installed brass for the stainless for that all stainless look, but it just wasn't happening for me, and I wasn't willing to take pliers and ruin the immovable caps. OK I lied, I did use pliers. It was personal between me and the buttons after a certain point. I clamped one button with some vise grip pliers and the other button fit perfectly into the hole in my dog's Kong ball which was made of the type of rubber I was going to need to get the proper traction to unscrew these fucking buttons. And when they finally relented, all the frustration and crying finally ceased. To be fair, the second set of buttons do screw and unscrew without dog toys.

For whatever reason, this button and bearing combo seemed to agree with the spinner body more and I was finally getting some smoother, longer spins out of the Hyperstone Lite. The claim is 3-5 minutes on Hyperstone's website, but I'm more in the 2:30 range when going for it. That's fine though. This is a fidget spinner for sure. It feels like it's going to spin forever carrying it's speed well at low RPMs, but the retention system may be doing this bearing a disservice at the higher RPMs to an extent. Who knows. Nevertheless, this is really fun to spin. Some spinners just grab that addictive side of you and make you want to spin and spin. The Hyperstone Lite does that. All the elements seem to come together perfectly. The weight, the body curvature and size. It's just a really smooth spin. I did have a little difficulty spinning it with my index finger on top of the spinner because of the curvature of the spinner. That's my only real complaint as far as the Hyperstone Lite and spinning goes.

Final Thoughts

The Hyperstone Lite is a sharp looking EDC type of fidget spinner that is great for fidget focused spinner with small or medium hands. It comes in a first class presentation and is well accessorized.The bearing retention system can be a little tricky and lends itself to problems., but not enough to sour me on the spinner. I'm a satisfied customer that sees possibility for improvement.

7.5 / 10
Buy Now $100
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