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Published: March 09, 2017
From: Steampunk Spinners
Price: $99
Bearing: Sector 8 Black Ball Hybrid Ceramic
Spin Time: 2 mins.
Dimensions: 2.3" in diameter x 1/2" thick
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Copper (88g), Aluminum (178g) Brass

The Phat Boy Fidget Spinner from Steampunk Spinners, deriving its name I imagine from a combination of the Fat Man and Little Boy atomic bombs from WW2, and the Urban Dictionary is a stocky little...or big, I'm not quite sure yet, aluminum fidget spinner that brings a host of curiosities to my flicking fingers. This is only my second aluminum spinner, since I generally prefer heavier metals, so I was skeptical at first. Twenty four hours later, color me a convert. This spinner is the .

Design & Aesthetics

There is something very appealing to me about the Phat Boy. It's the same footprint as the Radioactive Isotope .67 except if it were smushed some and filled with air. I imagine the feel of the special copper model is completely different, but the aluminum gives this spinner such a nice light feeling. The extra large brass buttons, engraved nicely with the Steampunk Spinners logo go exceedingly well with the overall design and are set into the body of the spinner with just enough clearance for table spins. The size of the buttons really make this design work. With a smaller button, I imagine you'd have problems with holding the spinner without contacting the body with the buttons being almost flush with it. And although the actual diameter or spin path isn't that large, this is a phat spinner after all, so you need some clearance, and these buttons provide that, along with adding a lot of weight to this otherwise light aluminum spinner. The size of the buttons, and engraved logo are very prominent in this design and give this fidget spinner a unique look that I just love. It's accessorized well you could say.

The polished body and simple edges that ease into 90 degrees give mercy to your fingers during long periods of fidgeting. No hot spots here. The thickness gives the Phat Boy the look of something more than it is for sure, almost as if it's a covert cache of something more important than a cure for anxiety.

Spin Characteristics

Out of the box my Sector 8 Black Ball Hybrid Ceramic was a little tight, so I gave it a quick alcohol bath and that straightened things right out. This spinner is also offered with a full ceramic bearing if you're a fan. I imagine what Steampunk was trying to accomplish with The Phat Boy was a large fidget focused spinner. Not an easy task. But they have certainly succeeded here. This is a large light spinner and at 1/2" thick, it's never going to set any spin time records. It just doesn't have the lines for that. But it's really nice for fidgeting. It feels like the aluminum legs are hollowed out stainless steel almost as you effortlessly flick these meaty poles back and forth. And that's the strength of the Phat Boy, in it's fidgetability. Those big phat spin holds really give you a different feel than any other fidget focused spinners out there. The weight of this spinner is really in the middle and largely supplied by the those brass buttons making the flick to get this spinner up to max RPMs feel all the more effortless.

The hybrid ceramic bearing performs very well and is a quiet spin with no wobble. This is a sturdy spinner by all means. I was getting 2 minute spins on average, and wouldn't call someone a liar if they said they were getting closer to 2:30. The large buttons give you room for two fingers comfortably giving an opportunity for various spin angles not provided by other spinners. There's really no limiting factor on what sort of spin you can do with the Phat Boy which is nice. Unless of course you have small hands. I could see this hand spinner being a bit difficult to wield for someone with smallish hands.

The copper version (179g) comes in at over twice the weight of the aluminum version (88g), so I can't see a direct comparison being made between the two. I would assume the copper is more of a long spinner, and less a fidget spinner.

Final Thoughts

Steampunk Spinners' Phat Boy is a well designed, large bodied, small footprint, fidget-focused spinner. It's unique combination of size, choice of metals and buttons make it a very attractive, fun to spin fidget spinner. Not an everyday carry type of spinner, but more a fidget on the couch type. Steampunk looks to have a hit on their hands.

9 / 10
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