Rotobow Nano

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Published: March 13, 2017
From: Fidget Gear
Price: $40 - $50
Bearing: Full ceramic bearing
Spin Time: 1 mins.
Dimensions: 1.5" diameter
Fidget Spinner Type: Mini Spinner
Brass (48g), Titanium (50g) Brass

The Rotobow Nano from the folks at the SEO friendly named Fidget Gear is a small button style spinner with familiar "cigar holder" cutouts on 2 sides of the button, and a ridged, or tabbed grip aesthetic on the other 2 sides which presents a nice spinhold. Offered only in brass with a full ceramic bearing, it's a simple spinner with sophisticated spin possibilities.

Design & Aesthetics

We're dealing with a pretty simple brass body around a full ceramic bearing with threaded caps here folks. Nothing particularly novel about any one component, but they work well as a team for the Nano. The brass construction provides the necessary weight for this mini spinner, and the divots give you the spin points. At just 1.5" in diameter, it feels small in your hand for sure. Like a heavy piece of coin from the middle ages if we're romanticizing it. There are trade-offs here. Where the Rotobow Nano excels in spin grip from the divots, it lacks in finger preservation. Those grooves are sharp. And while no one spin is going to send you to the doctor, the cumulative effect of fidgeting can add up on your digits. Unless you have those addict calluses to protect you already.

The brass buttons sit above the body and have a slightly concave shape to them. They provide ample grip and the soft machine finish of the brass feels nice on the fingers. The full ceramic bearing comes with cage in and is easy to access for cleaning by removing the buttons, though I have not tried removing the bearing from the body.

Spin Characteristics

The Rotobow Nano is simply the easiest, and maybe most fun spinner that I've fidgeted with. It's got that smooth spin but with a little tactile feedback in your fingers. That chatter. Some spinners have a smooth spin and you hardly feel anything which is a trick to be sure, but I really like that tactile feedback from the bearing. And it works here because the button style spinner is so solid otherwise. That smooth consistent vibration of the bearing is half the pleasure of the spin for me in the Rotobow Nano.

For those that crave different spin angles, different flicks and snaps and manners of spinning, this is the spinner for you. Not usually a hallmark of button spinners, the Rotobow Nano just makes spinning easy with any number of grips and spins you want to attempt. You're going to catch a sweet spot every time, even if it's not THE sweet spot. And that makes it perfect for mindless fidgeting and even pocket fidgeting. This is the EDC fidget spinner we want and deserve.

My only complaint about the Rotobow Nano is that it does seem like it comes to a more sudden stop than it should. At the lower RPMs the spin just isn't as smooth as I would expect. You really only notice this though as the spinner is coming to a stop, so not a big deal really. I wasn't able to see spin times of more than 1 minute although the website claims 2 minutes. I think that seems unlikely.

Final Thoughts

I love the Rotobow Nano. It's my current go to for short car rides and restaurants, or anywhere that calls for a more surreptitious spinner. It's easy to spin, easily pocketable, and has a nice tactile feeling both in motion and at rest. At under $50 it's a great example of a quality spinner at a budget price.

9 / 10
Buy Now $40 - $50
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