The Song Spinner (Hyperion)

Reviews: The Song Spinner (Hyperion)

Published: March 27, 2017
From: Fingers Spinner
Price: $49
Bearing: 608 Hybrid Ceramic
Spin Time: 2 mins.
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner

The Song Spinner line from Fingers Spinners, a Russian based company, comes in 4 different models only differentiated by body shape. The Rhea, Kronos, Ocean and Hyperion. Wanting a non-knockoff budget priced spinner, I looked to Etsy and was immediately drawn to the Hyperion version of the Song Spinner by it's smooth packaging and simple deductive body designs. Nevermind that the packaging would be somewhat destroyed in customs. The spinner did arrive in working order. My real motive here was to see if I could get the same spinner for under $50 on Etsy that I have to pay over $100 for from other more established makers. After all, a fidget spinner is just a bearing surrounded by some milled metal. Not that complicated right? Well, maybe not.

Design & Aesthetics

There is scant information available on Fingers Spinners (every time I type "Fingers Spinner" I laugh but their English is better than my Russian) Etsy page, so I'm going to make some educated guesses here on the specs. This is a brass body spinner with a hollowed out body design and a machine finish. It's simple and somewhat elegant really. The buttons are large brass and just concave enough to get a nice grip. The machine finish on the buttons certainly aids in the grip as well. The body, which boils down to essentially 3 overlapping circles ala the Olympic rings, creates some very cool warp effects when spinning as you can see in the video below. The body measures in at 2.36" x 1.1" x .28".

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

The Song Hyperion Spinner is a fidget focused spinner with a relatively short 2 minute spin time. I found the 608 ceramic hybrid bearing that comes with this spinner adequate, but that's where it ends. The actual spin is a bit rattley for my tastes. There is just a ton of play between the buttons and the hollow body giving the spinner a lot of wobble. And while some bar spinners get away with that wobble with a silky smooth bearing, the Noblespin Vantage comes to mind, the Hyperion doesn't have that luxury. You feel like you have to really flick this spinner to get it moving at times. Perhaps due to the hollow body. On forward flicks you roll off the contact point due to the curved design. This is problematic for a fidget based spinner because by nature, you want to flick it back and forth. Constant tactile movement. The combination of feeling the bearing spinning and stopping and starting your spins just don't produce that feeling I'm looking for in a fidget spinner with this design. Does the hollow body make it too light? Are the curves too shallow or too steep? I'm not sure, but it does make the argument that there is a little more that goes into spinner design than just creating a shape around a bearing and milling it out.

Final Thoughts

To some extent, spinning all spinners is fun, even somewhat crappy spinners. That makes reviewing and rating spinners a difficult job. You find yourself skewing towards higher ratings inevitably. So, we have to set some standard. Why have a 1-10 scale if all spinners are rated 6-10? What is a 5/10 rated spinner to give us some relativity to our ratings? At Spinnermint, we tend to review mostly premium level spinners from small makers, so perhaps we can be okay with everything rated so highly. I like the Song Hyperion Spinner, but it's one I might give to a friend who didn't have one. Or let my girlfriend use.

I will add that you should expect to wait a while for this spinner. Not due to any problems on the seller's end. The seller was actually incredibly fast and shipped my order the day after it was made which is refreshing, especially in this industry. It's going to be held up in customs for a few weeks at least though.

6 / 10
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  • The Song Spinner (Hyperion)
  • The Song Spinner (Hyperion)
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