ZeroFeud Tri Compass

Reviews: ZeroFeud Tri Compass

Published: December 21, 2016
From: ZeroFeud
Price: $125 - $180
Bearing: R188 hybrid ceramic bearing
Spin Time: 4 mins.
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Brass, Titanium, Aluminum Bead Blasted, Anodized

ZeroFeud will be a familiar name to those who have been interested in spinners for some time. Their original, duel-pole Compass was quickly recognized as a high quality addition to the market and one with a uniquely clever packaging presentation to boot. I was always eager to get my hands on something from ZeroFeud but it was the moment a CAD image of the Tri-pole version was shown that I knew exactly what my first Compass model would be. The three versions of the Compass are all attractively proportioned but to my eye, the Tri-Compass takes top billing in any material.

Design & Aesthetics

The angular raised areas of the Compass design give it an instantly recognizable character among the current crop of available hand spinners. The thinner core of the body with raised, chamfered "weights" set atop it is reminiscent of the Torqbar, but all the straight lines put this in a totally different aesthetic arena. Another key feature are the radial cut-outs that sit just beyond the grip rim; these are not only distinctive but create a wonderful effect while spinning as they seem to leave the grip and body floating in space. Everything here is simple, clean and deceptively well considered with a near perfect level of fit and finish...exemplary.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

Smoothness in the world of hand spinners, as you might expect, isn't so terribly different from that of spinning tops. The quickest way to check this when handling a spinner is to give it a powerful spin and then balance it on a single finger and look for the level of vibration found in the exposed grip/button. When it comes to the Tri-Compass, we are entering a world of near absolute smoothness; It really is deeply impressive. Apart from this all but peerless smoothness are the fidget-focused aspects of the design; nicely ergonomic, easy to catch, change direction etc. and thanks to the sheer balance and use of a glue-fit, well-proven R188 hybrid ceramic bearing, spin times pass three minutes with ease. A consummate all rounder but without the associated compromises you might expect.

Final thoughts

I absolutely love this spinner. Alongside the Rotablade Stubby, this is now my benchmark for quality and my reference point for a long spinning but fidget-focused spinner design. It really is that good and with a $55 Aluminium version on the horizon the Tri-Compass is sure to become a core model in almost anyone's collection. In fact, there's very little else to say. When you can get one, get one; you won't be disappointed.

The gorgeous flame anodisation seen here on both the body and grips is not going to be available as standard, but will be released in "random drops" as time goes on. Keep an eye on ZeroFeud's Facebook group, Instagram page and website for further updates and availability.

Model Reviewed: ZeroFeud - Tri Compass - Media-Blasted and Tumbled Titanium - Flame Ano

Posted By: Stuart Robson

9 / 10
Buy Now $125 - $180
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