Binary Fusion

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Published: April 05, 2017
From: Grave Raven
Price: $75 - $300
Bearing: (5x11x4) dry-lube hybrid ceramic
Spin Time: 3 mins.
Dimensions: Length: 1.9" Height: 0.375"
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Zirconium, MokuTi, Tungsten Carbide Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum

The Binary Fusion. Now...I've heard of binary fission (even though I've completely forgotten what it is since high school) but never binary fusion. Who cares! I like the name your fidget spinner after things that sound cool trend. And we would expect no less from the coolest named maker out there. Grave Raven. I feel like I didn't do that name justice. Where's Vince McMahon? I'll try again. Graaaaavvve Raaaaaaaaaaaaven!!! Let's see what the Raven has brought us today.

Of note here is that Grave Raven has taken their listings down for the binary fusion which...besides being a really bad business decision, makes it difficult for me to give you any sort of specs for this spinner.

The Binary Fusion was being offered in a number of metals. Brass ($75), Copper ($75), Stainless Steel ($85), Titanium ($130), Zirconium ($150), Tungsten-Copper ($180) and MokuTi ($300). I chose Zirconium just for a change of pace and I wanted to see if the maker lit himself on fire during the milling process given Zirconium's pyrophoric nature during machining.

Design & Aesthetics

I won't say the Binary Fusion is my favorite spinner design. Just looking at it, plenty of other spinner have more of an "oh cool, what is that?" look to it. Let's just say it is unassuming. And that's fine with me. This spinner is designed to spin. From the scant use of metal around the circumference of the bearing to the extrusion of metal on the ends of each bar, this design is built to maximize spin time. What Grave Raven has done with this utilitarian design though is very smooth.

My Zirconium edition of this spinner is fairly light. Zirconium has a metal density closer to titanium than copper. But it's compactness lets you know you're holding solid metal in your hands. And let me just say while we're on the subject of metals, this spinner would probably be vastly different in say Tungsten than it is in Zirconium or even copper, so I think you have to look at the different version by weight class in this case. Back to the Fusion. The machining and The tumbled / stonewash finish is matte and very well done. A real pro at work here. All the machining marks are completely removed.

The spinner is less than 2 inches in length and feels even smaller in your hand. It's probably the smallest bar spinner I've used. And, I like that. If you have gigantic hamburger helper hands, I don't think the Binary Fusion will work for you. I don't have those hands. This thing is discreet to say the least. A real EDC type spinner.

The threaded brass buttons are commensurately tiny. They sort of have to be. To make up for this, and give you a firm fingerhold, the buttons are more concave than you usually find and sit well clear of the spinner's body. When spinning the Binary Fusion on one finger, the combination of this concave button design and such a small tight spinning spinner make it feel almost as if it's attached to your finger. I feel like you can tilt this almost past 45 degrees and it won't fall off. Very cool.

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

The Binary Fusion, as mentioned is designed with spinning in mind. The ceramic hybrid (5mm x 11mm x 4mm) bearing is tiny (smaller than an r188) and comes closed in metal shields to protect from dirt. It's definitely on the quiet side without losing that sweet low coo that a quality spinner makes when it's spinning well. It's a nice bearing and Grave Raven sells replacements in their shop if you're interested in picking one up for your own spinner.

This spinner is very easy to spin. The extruded barbell like ends give plenty of spin points and you'll have no problem flicking this back and forth. I've read plenty of people reporting some legendary spin times with the Tungsten version of the Binary Fusion. This lighter Zirconium is really just a 2-3 minute spin time, which is fine really. I'd say that's about what I would expect. I can't quite put my finger on why, but this thing is really just a pleasure to spin. Grave Raven warns that there bearings are looser than others on the market and tend to wobble more (by design). I did not find that to be true. In fact, this is probably one of the most stable bar spinners I've reviewed. It's short which surely helps, but something more is at play here. And, I'll be happy to just acknowledge that without trying to solve the riddle.

Final Thoughts

The Binary Fusion is my new EDC spinner when my girlfriend doesn't steal it from me. It's small, easy to carry, discreet and a real pleasure to spin. After hearing so much about Grave Raven, I'm glad I finally treated myself to a real premium quality spinner. It's worth it.

9 / 10
Buy Now $75 - $300
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