Reviews: The iFDGT

Published: April 15, 2017
From: Venom Defense & Design
Price: $30 - $350
Bearing: Hybrid ceramic
Spin Time: 4 mins.
Dimensions: 1.875" x .875" x 3/8” tall
Fidget Spinner Type: Bar Spinner
Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Aluminum, Tungsten Carbide Damasteel, Aluminum, Titanium Anodized

The iFDGT from Venom Defense & Design headed by Sam Passenger has been taking the world of spinning by storm. In an industry with seemingly hundreds of new makers and designs popping up by the week, Venom D&D has been a pioneer and mainstay in the industry. With the iFDGT, and it's countless iterations and configurations, they have brought a simple design with every flavor you could ask for.

Design & Aesthetics

The iFDGT currently comes in 9 different metal / finish / button combinations. I went for a simple copper with aluminum buttons for a bargain price of $50. Venom also offers aluminum ($30), brass ($40), stainless steel ($60), titanium ($70, flame anodized $80, flame anodized w/ damasteel buttons $250) and tungsten ($250 with titanium buttons, $350 damasteel buttons).

Phew. Now that that's out of the way... The first thing I noticed about the iFDGT is the machine finish on the body. Most spinners have some sort of tumbling, blasting or polishing done to the metal before shipment. The iFDGT is left pretty raw. This is a simple straightforward design. Compact in size at just under 2" in length, it carries it's weight well in copper and feels heavy in the hand. With classic chamfered double stack offsets adding weight to the body for maximum rotational inertia and 1.5mm x 6mm pre-milled slots to make your spinner glow with tritium inserts (not included), this spinner is designed to spin.

The buttons come stock in aluminum and are with a simple swirl pattern for added tactile feeling and grip. They are .825" in diameter, held together by a center screw and sit above the top surface of the spinner body to allow for table spins. They are...well aluminum, but they do the job. I'm sure the titanium or damasteel are much nicer.

Spin Characteristics & Ergonomics

The hybrid ceramic r188 bearing has become a standard in the spinner industry and the iFDGT makes good use of one hear. This 10 ball bearing is buttery sooth and gives a nice quiet spin without being complete devoid of tactile feedback an vibration in the fingers. There seems to be a race to who can make the quietest, smoothest spinner, and while I'm for that to a degree, I do prefer to feel some vibration and hear a little hum from my spinners. The iFDGT hits the sweet spot in that regard. It's just the right amount of smooth and quiet for me.

I suppose the iFDGT does have a decent amount of play in it and this does of course create a little wobble, but I really don't notice it. This is a non-factor for me as it's on par or better than most comparable spinners. And it proves it with spin times approaching 4 minutes. The iFDGT loves to spin. It doesn't take much effort to put it in motion, and once it's moving, it really doesn't want to slow down seemingly only coming to a complete and smooth stop begrudgingly. At one point Venom had me checking to see if they hid a tiny motor inside of the iFDGT. It reminds me of what a Spinetic X would be if it were a bar spinner. That same raw machine finish and basic design run parallel here.

Finals Thoughts

The iFDGT looks like it's here to stay. A lot of spinners are made and sold and then people move on. A select few manage to capture the hearts of people and live on achieving cult status in the spinner world. The Stubby, Torqbar, Spinetic X & Y and Zerofeud Tri Compass to name a few. A very involved and in-touch with the spinning community maker like Sam Passenger and Venom look like they might have achieved the latter here. With lead times of 1-2 weeks currently for the iFDGT and a model and price for every budget, I can't think of a better time to grab one.

8.5 / 10
Buy Now $30 - $350
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