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Published: January 25, 2017
From: 2R Designs
Price: $50 - $95
Bearing: Multiple
Spin Time: 2½ mins.
Fidget Spinner Type: Tri Spinner
Stainless Steel ($85), Brass ($50), Titanium ($95), Aluminum, Graphite Stainless Steel, Brass Powder Coating VXB Full Ceramic 608, NEAL Titanium 608

Within moments of first seeing 2RDesigns Boomerang Mini on Instagram, I was messaging company founder Rick Ruggiero. The design just looked so intriguing with its asymmetrical outline, compact form and nicely concave button profile. I was somewhat surprised to learn that the Boomerang Mini, starting at around $40 for Aluminium models, is actually a spinner on the lower end of the price spectrum, and equally one that was going to be fairly cost-prohibitive to ship to the U.K as a result. With that in mind, Rick and I organized my importing a small group of Boomerang Minis to pass on (with payment going directly to Rick) to fellow spin-fans in the Europe at a lower postage cost. Here I have selected the material and bearing combination I found most interesting for review, though I'm sure some of the others will be referenced throughout.

Design & Aesthetics

As mentioned above, I was instantly interested in the Boomerang Mini due to its appealing silhouette and compact proportions. You don't often see asymmetrical spinner designs that seem both attractive and ergonomic, and at a glance the Mini Boomer seemed to have the potential to buck that preconception. Using a 608 bearing in such a small design leaves the bulk of the mass very close to said bearing, so it's clear this is another fidget-focused design along the lines of the Pentaspin Spur or Vorso Flat Top rather than a budding spin-monster. The early iteration of this model that piqued my interest had simple circles machined into the body for grip and decoration, while these current offerings have a more complex pattern. If this is a pro or a con to you will be entirely subjective of course and while I seem firmly in the minority here, I personally rather liked the earlier version. This is an essentially flat bodied spinner with a wide chamfer around the edges for comfort and a decent finish throughout, particularly at this price-point. An interesting point of note would be the buttons/grips; smoothly concave in profile with nice finishing and "power" engraving option, they sit just inside the outer race of the bearing and add a nice 3D quality to the overall impression.

Spin characteristics and ergonomics

The Boomerang Mini is offered not only in a wide range of material types and finishes (powder-coated color finishes have become something of a trademark for 2RDesigns) but also with a variety of 608 bearings. Here, I chose to pick out one that I was unfamiliar with and had a unique selling point. The NEAL Titanium 608 is a polished, titanium coated bearing that claims all manner of performance enhancements in its intended use of skate boarding, and I wondered if it might have anything new to offer us spinner people. As it happens, it seems to; with a maximum spin-time of a little over 2 ½ minutes it was just slightly down on the full ceramic option I was testing alongside it. However, what little it lost in spin-time it more than made up for in objective smoothness and more striking still in its incredibly low volume. This is without doubt the quietest 608 I've tried and paired with an after-market grip (pictured and produced by the very talented Frank Raymond) that conceals the full bearing, it is all but silent. There's a hint of imbalance in the spin that offers some tactile feedback but I feel could be a slight point of improvement for the future, though it's hard to gripe considering the quality/cost ratio on show. Ergonomically the design really works; facing one way you have a perfect surface for a reverse flick, while flipping it over reveals an equally ideal notch for forward flicks and surprisingly few hot spots considering the simplicity of the finish employed. The stand out feature for me though is the visual effect this design gives while spinning and catching the light. It's truly hypnotic and is a serious consideration when deciding on the finish and material type you would like to order, as this effect is really only visible with the more reflective options.

Final thoughts

In short, from that formative promise on Instagram to now I am certainly not disappointed with the Boomerang Mini. It's a distinctive design with a very competitive price tag, good performance and a huge range of options to choose from. With this bearing choice it's also an exceptionally discreet spinner and one that cries out for some custom finishing or button swaps. I'm now as eager as ever to try more of the available materials and happy to include the Boomerang Mini as one of my top picks for a cost effective spinner recommendation.

Model Reviewed: 2RDesigns - Boomerang Mini - Brass - NEAL Ti 608 Bearing - Brass "Power" Buttons

Posted By: Stuart Robson

7 / 10
Buy Now $50 - $95
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